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Electro-Mechanical Projects:



Power Generation and Transmission 

The hallmark of Delmon success lies in its ability to deliver high quality products and services with stringent time schedules and safety conforming to international standards. Delmon  has executed projects  to evacuate power from remote power generation centres to load centres. Scope of work offered include sourcing, selection, inspection and supply of line materials including conductors, insulators, hardware, OPGW /EW, construction of transmission lines including foundation, tower erection, stringing, testing and commissioning.


Delmon offers turnkey construction of power plants including civil, mechanical, electrical and instrymentation works and associated detailed engineering, procurement and other related services.

Construction and erection works includes :


  •      Survey Soil investigations


  •       Site development works - leveling and grading, compound wall and fencing, road drains,   railway slidings, ash ponds, green belt and landscaping.


  •       Complete civil and structural works for power plant including piling, equipment foundations, power-house building, plant and non-plant building, township and facilities.


  •       River / seawater intake works, CW system, plant reservoirs and pump houses.


  •       Erection of SG, TG, GTG, HRSG and all other main equipment and Balance of Plant (BOP) equipment.


  •       Piping and Ducting - fabrication and erection, including all protective coating and refractory insulation.


  •       Electrical work and Instrumentation works.


  •       EHV switchguard and transmission lines.


  •       Assistance in testing and Commissioning.


  •       Port clearances, inland transportation, store management and related works.


Delmon  offers turnkey services for various packages of power plant, viz. natural induced draft cooling towers, single / multi-flue brick or stean lined Chimney , water anf effluent treatment oplants, compress-ed air / fire protection system HVAC system, comlpete power plant electrical and instrumentaion works, EHV switchyards and transmission  lines.

EPC services for thermal power sector projects are also offered.