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Sama Delmon is a branch of Delmon Group and is dealing with the Petrochemical products and  is representative and is authorized to follow The  business Of IMM Chemicals in Iraq.



Introduction of speciality chemical supplier:


We are suppliers of specialized chemicals to the oil and petrochemical industries. We are representatives of a number of major multinational companies including Johnson Matthey Catalysts, Akzo Nobel, and Doesen.


Delmon group companies are approved vendors to both the NOC and SOC in Iraq and have supplied them with a wide range of oilfield chemicals.

Our company is capable of supplying wide range of chemicals locally from Iraq: please find copies of our brochures enclosed with this letter.

Can also arrange for samples to be provided and can put you in touch with our technical support team in the UK if necessary.



More details of our business in Iraq: 

The companies we are representing in Iraq are as follows:

1. Akzo Nobel (Specialty chemicals):


Is one of the world's leading specialty chemical companies and for many of their products there are five or less manufacturers in the world. We are exclusive distributors for the following three areas of business:

a. Oil-Field Chemicals:


For corrosion inhibitors also for demuslifiers. And there are a number of other products in this category that Iraq buys. We have won two tenders for acid corrosion inhibitors from the NOC and we have delivered these. Acid corrosion inhibitors are the most specialized corrosion inhibitors.

b.    CMC and PAC (also oilfield chemicals):


We have won a tender for this from the SOC and delivered the goods to them already.

This is used in oil industry and also in water drilling.

c.    Water treatment chemicals:


Used in many industries that use water somehow.



2. Johnson Matthey Catalysts:

Johnson Matthey are the largest of the three western manufacturers in the industry. The customers are fertilizer and petrochemical companies and also oil refinery companies. We are working with the division that supplies Fertilizer companies, and  we can work with the oil refinery division. We have won a tender from the State Fertilizer Company in Basra . I attach some product sheets and customer lists for two catalysts that we have tendered for with the SCF.


3. Doesen for XC Polymer:

XC polymer is used a lot in the oil industry. This product is no longer made in Europe or US. Doesen are Chinese but they supply Haliburton, Baker Hughes etc. and make a quality product. We distribute their product.


4. Hyundai Pumps:


Hyundai industerial pumps and full information can be found here... 



Our experience covers the following:


         Other requirements for equipment or chemicals (only specialized chemicals) you have for this facility (fertilizer factory) or any other facility you have in Iraq.


         To have for a building a production facility for specialized chemicals in Iraq.


         We could engineer the chemicals the oil industry needs as we have the formulas for the chemicals.


         Our ability to give know how to a production facility in Iraq .


         We are a distributor for Hyundai and can supply equipment for factories if you need to buy such things


         We could build a turnkey facility and train the labors and technicians and could produce the chemicals locally. We would sell the feedstock and provide backup labs for test work to engineer the right products


Sama Demlmon :  Commodity


Delmon has been involve in the distribution and general trading for commodity in Iraq and also investing in sugar production hubs like Brazil and Thailand and can directly import to Iraq including (Rice, Sugar, wheat, Cooking oil, Ghee)


Sama Delmon have done alliances with different reputable suppliers and manufactures in all over global from South America (chili, Brazil )through Europe till the middle east and Asia (Turkey, KSA, and Indonesia and Pakistan )


Our main products:





                     Cooking oil