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Summary of our company organization:


The Company divided into the following departments, which operates individually and jointly under the overall management structure integrated with the organized engineering

- Project Management Department

- Procurement Department

- Contracts and tenders Department

- Designs Department

- Accounts Department

- Management Department

- Maintenance Department

- Information Technology Department

- Planning and Monitoring Department

- Public Relations & Business Development Department

We can summarize the key activities for each department as follows:


Design Department


- Architectural Design and supervision as well as coordination with specialized consultancy offices in the country to prepare the executive drawings for specific projects, especially turn-key contracts

- Evaluation of tender documents terms of architectural and other engineering disciplines before the implementation of the works or by direct pricing to reduce the potential errors as much as possible rise confirmed recommendations about this

- Detect the discrepancies and contradictions in the tender documents and plans and Write the recommendations about this

- Preparation of shop drawings for NTP & under implementation projects

- To do the work of interior design, set standards and engineering specifications

- Propose alternatives in materials and types of execution, specifications, according to the availability in the local markets to achieve the best results in terms of quality and economic


Project Management Department


- The stuff of this section play the main role in the decision-making, control and regulate the conduct of business for the implementation of contracts, thanks to the Project Manager and his aides at the site with the efforts of the project controls and Quantity Surveyors teams

- planning of the financial policy of the projects in terms of disbursements and incomes and its relation to the financial policy of the company

- This section plays an active role in the management of human resources

- This section plays an important role in the work of setting the requirements to the execution of the contracts and provides all the sites requirements and the department is divided into three divisions and as following:-

- Civil Works Divisions: This includes various construction works of buildings, roads, bridges and structures that are basic services & utilities for water and sewage networks, electricity

- Mechanical works Division: The work of the air conditioning and water treatment Units and heavy water treatments

- Electrical Works Division: The work of the transmission lines of the high and low tension and installing the towers and substations and manufacturing control boards.


Procurement department


This section consists of experienced stuff  and specialized  in the field of supplying various materials from local and overseas markets through the accumulated experience and continuous communication with the commercial local and international markets by attending the various exhibitions for construction material and the rebuilding of the regional and international countries and that the most important goals of this section is to achieve quality control materials processed as section that plays a role to update the price information for the quotation section.


Tenders and Contracts Department


The main activity of this section is the preparation of evaluations and pricing bills of quantities and specifications as well as the follow-up management and preparation of tender documents to apply for bids also plays its role in the follow-up to financial payments on projects and sustaining evaluations through analytics cost tables to the clauses of the business,


Planning Department


This section would beresponsible    for business planning and     follow  up      the implementation of those plans in addition to the making of the annual plans for the company in coordination with other departments


Public Relations and Business Development Department


This section would be the responsibility of managing and developing external relations of the company with the various sectors within and outside the country to ensure the progress of experience and level of business.


Accountant Department


This section bears the responsibility of the following activities:

- Manage and organize and instruct the financial policy of the company in collaboration with the other departments such project management, procurement and contracts

- checking the lists and issue official accounts lists to the employers

- Issuing accounts satiation for time been, daily and monthly and yearly


Administration Department


This section would be responsible for internal management and follow-up and implement the systems and procedure of the company and bearing the responsibility of individuals for human resources and assets, archiving and storage.


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