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Quality and Policy 

Delmon is committed to providing its Clients with high quality pre-engineered steel buildings and structural steel combined with timely delivery and economy.



Customer Service:

Customer satisfaction, trouble free construction and accurate fit of components are all priorities within Delmon works regardless of the complexity of the project, thus, resulting in reduced on-site erection costs in terms of time and money. These priorities are achieved by:

1.Qualified engineers and draftsmen use state-of-the-art computer software and International Codes of Practice.

2. All drawings are thoroughly checked prior to implement at site.

3.Steel manufacturer are purchased and inspected to rigid specifications. Components are produced at thefactory by skilled laborers, advanced machinery and under strict quality.


Introducing Delmon Steel work:

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our experience in the steel works. From its humble beginnings as small construction company Delmon has engaged with steel works of simple projects and has grown to be one of the leading Iraqi companies dealing with the steel works; our partnership from inside Iraq like Al-Raha co and Al-Sami and  with international companies especially from Jordan, Oman  and turkey gave us the wide experience with the best technology  and the optimum quality of products to satisfy our clients, and also to prepare ourself for the development and the booming that expected in our beloved country Iraq.

Our activities span a wide spectrum of steel construction works including pre-engineered steel buildings, structural steel and multi-story buildings, tanks and soils, fixed and portable prefabricated buildings, space frames and guard- rails.

Delmon philosophy is "starting from manufacturing of a high quality products combined with timely delivery and economy”. We work to the highest international standards from start to finish. We build trust with our clients by delivering on our promises. This feeling of trust is enhanced by Delmon’s strong adherence to the qualities of integrity, honesty and craftsmanship. Once we start on a project, you can be sure of the same treatment every step of the way.