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Message from Manager Director


Message from Manager Director 


At the time when Iraq continues to witness increasingly challenging situations, & usual business practice proceed with an endless lack of predictability, Delmon Group have earned an astonishing reputation while excelling as a well trusted and relied upon performer in all economic avenues including trading, manufacturing, construction, service, investment & oil industries.

Furthermore, with a genuine aim to participate in re-building Iraq after an agonizing era of hostility, together with the determination to develop the capacities of Iraq & the renewal of its' energies as a leading regional nation, Delmon Group continues to play an active role in the modernization of Iraq national capabilities through attracting state-of the-art universal know-how & putting advanced technical expertise to work hand on hand together with Iraq national expertise.

Throughout the past years, Delmon Group of companies proved an unquestionable commitment to distinguished performance in fulfilling the needs & requirements of both Iraqi public & private sectors. With utmost efficiency & quality in mind, Delmon Group continues to grow with excellence as a regional leader.

Finally, the challenging growth of Delmon Group to enter a variety of construction & economic sectors have well indeed aided in developing the various activities of the group, thereafter bringing it to the forefront of international business as a multi-activity group of companies engaged in all levels of economic avenues both regionally & internationally. 


Managing Director