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Project Management

We are active across the, property and industry sectors providing consulting, project management and commercial services. We ensure projects are delivered on time, to budget and in alignment with our clients' organizational objectives.

We combine vast experience with a commitment to lateral thinking to provide innovative solutions that add real value to every project – we call this our

Our multi-skilled and multi-lingual team in Iraq provides experience, enterprise and expertise to improve efficiencies and returns from our clients’ investments, ensuring that individual needs are met at every stage of the project process.  

Global clients need support for their investment plans both in their home country and locally, where their remote facilities are sited. We are skilled in developing a rapid understanding of business needs.

We are experienced in transitioning these needs into locally compatible solutions, providing an integrated and supported service.

Our people have built up local market intelligence and relationships over many years, and can advise on every issue pertinent to the investment. From the exploratory stage onwards, we can help internal and inward investors to overcome language barriers and to navigate the potential maze of constraining regulations and unfamiliar working practices.

We provide project management, commercial services and consulting advice in the Iraq.From initial feasibility and investment advice, to development, project delivery, management, close out and recovery support, we have the strength and confidence to satisfy the most demanding of requirements.  

We do much more than simply ensure projects are correctly aligned with organizational objectives and meet delivery targets. Our approach is focused on adding real value and enhancing long term returns on investment, through exceptional levels of service and expertise.